Sunday, May 22, 2011

Natalie Bassignthwaighte

22 May 2011 Brisbane X Factor Auditions

As she was about to sign I told her I had written to her earlier this year and thanked her so much for sending me back a handwritten letter with my photos, she stopped for a minute and said "I remember" and asked me how everything was going that I had told her about. When she started to sign she said "its Nicole isnt it?" I could not believe with all the people she meets and mail she gets she remembered my name! She then asked if she could hug me & hug my husband & then gave me another hug!

Natalie signing for me

Having a hug

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  1. It's wonderful that she remembered you and could recall the contents of your letter. Goes to show that she's one who truly cares about her fans. Good one!


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