Friday, January 27, 2012

Priscilla Presley

SENT: 14 July 2011 LOR SSAE 8x10 & bookplate

RCVD: 27 Jan 2012 My 8x10 & bookplate signed & dedicated, a lovely handwritten note from Priscilla on her personal embossed stationery (to private to post) and she included an 8x10 Pre Print

8 x 10 PRE PRINT

Cheryl Baker

TTM - Via Venue

SENT: June 2011 A friend in the UK sent this photo for me to a concert Bucks Fizz were playing

RCVD: 27 Jan 2012 Today the group photo came back signed & dedicated just by Cheryl Baker & she also sent her own 8 x 10 signed & dedicated

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gary Sinise

SENT: 11 Mar 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10
RCVD: 24 Jan 2012 Both 8x10's signed & dedicated in my ssae

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Emilio Estevez

SENT: 14 July 2011 LOR SSAE 3 x 8x10
RCVD: 18 Jan 2012 My 3 8x10's signed & dedicated PLUS he included his own for his movie The Way

Matthew Morrison

TTM - Via Venue

SENT: 19 May 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10 for Show in UK 7 June

After I sent the request, this concert was cancelled & it never came back RTS so I figured the venue may have just discarded it so wrote it off as a fail BUT somehow it made it's way to him!

RCVD: 18 Jan 2012 Both 8x10's autographed & dedicated with a little note from Matthew in my SSAE

Jennifer Carpenter

Signed by Jennifer Carpenter 2econd Stage Theatre NY Feb 2011

Olivia Wilde

Signed by Olivia Wilde Abc Studios NY April 2011

Judd Nelson

 Signed by Judd Nelson Paris Theatre NY Sept 2010 25th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Autograph Colletor of Oz is 1 Year Old!

This blog celebrates being up & running for 1 year today 18 Jan 2012!
Thank you for all who come & visit & share in my hobby. I can't belive in that time, this page about my childhood hobby has had 130,500 hits! Hope you enjoy looking around and continue too!

Natalie Bassignthwaighte

SENT: 6 Jul 2011 LOR SSAE 3 CD Covers
RCVD: 17 Jan 2012 All CD's signed & dedicated in my SSAE

Chynna Phillips

SENT: 18 Nov 2011 LOR 4 x 8x10 CD COVER SSAE
RCVD: 17 Jan 2012 - My CD cover did not come back with my photos on 3 Jan BUT today an envelope with a note saying sorry we forgot this & my cd cover enclosed arrived!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Matt Damon

Signed by Matt Damon while filming The Adjustment Bureau Greenwich Village NY Aug 2009

Elmo & Kevin Clash

Signed by Kevin Clash at Sundance Film Festival Utah Jan 2011

Monday, January 9, 2012

America Ferrera

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 6 Dec 2011 LOR 3 x 8x10 SSAE
RCVD: 9 Jan 2012 All 8x10's autographed (2 dedicated) in my ssae

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ellen Burstyn

SENT: 11 Mar 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10
RCVD: 6 Jan 2012 Both photos signed & dedicated in my ssae

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wilson Phillips

SENT: 18 Nov 2011 LOR SSAE 4 x 8x10 photo to Chynna Phillips (one being this group one)
RCVD: 3 Jan All photos signed AND she had the other band members sign the group shot so autographed by:


Chynna Phillips


SENT: 18 Nov 2011 LOR 4 x 8x10 SSAE

RCVD: 3 Jan 2012 All Four photos autographed & dedicated, plus an extra 8x10 of her own & she got the whole band to sign the group shot. I also received a beautiful handwritten note that is too personal to display.

Photo Chynna Sent Me

Hugh Jackman

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 22 Nov 2011 LOR to stage manager for autographed playbill, SSAE
RCVD: 3 Jan 2012 PLaybill autographed by Hugh Jackman in my SSAE

Diane Keaton


Autographed First Edition of Then Again by Diane Keaton
Autographed 16 Dec 2011 BookSoup LA

Klohe & Kourtney Kardashian


Signed First Edition of Dollhouse
Autographed by Khloe Kardashian Odom & Koutney Kardashian
(Kim pulled out of the appearance last minute due to the divorce drama!)
18 Nov 2011 at B & N The Grove LA

Kris Jenner


Autographed & dedicated first edition of:
Kis Jenner and All things Kardahsian
Autographed at Bookends NJ
3 Nov 2011

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