Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sugar Ray

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 6 Apr 2011 LOR 2 x 8x10 SSAE for show on April 29

Nothing came back so I emailed the contact at the venue and they said the mail didn't get passed on BUT Sugar Ray had signed some posters & they would send me one

RCVD: 29 Dec 2011 Poster for the 29 Apr 2011 Concert signed by all 4 Band members
Mark McGrath
 Rodney Sheppard
 Murphy Karges
 Stan Frazier

Rachel Weisz

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 10 Sep 2011 LOR SSAE 3 x 8x10
RCVD: 29 Dec 2011 All 3 Photos signed in my SSAE

Signature on my photos looks nothing like the first few via venue successes NOR does it look AT ALL like her IN PERSON, IP signatures can be different because their rushed, but no part of these autographs or any of the letters resemble in anyway her IP

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jackie Collins

RCVD: 28 Dec 2011
FOr the holidays Jackie had for sale some hardcover first editions of older titles & would inscribe them with anything you wanted (within reason!). I have been lucky to tweet with Jackie a few times & told her the story of how I got in trouble for handing in a book report on Lucky in High School & being told Jackie 'was not a real author'. When I ordered thre book I referenced our twitter chat and here is what she wrote. Fabulous one of a kind piece by my favorite author for my cllection. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harry Connick Jr

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 8 Nov 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10 & cd slick SSAE
RCVD: 21 Dec 2011 My items returned unsigned & sent his own 8x10 signed in black sharpie in my ssae

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shirley Jones

SENT: 4 Feb 2011 LOR SSAE 8x10
RCVD: 15 Dec 2011 8x10 autographed & dedicated in my ssae

Bradley Cooper


Signed by Bradley Cooper at "Limitless" Premiere NY March 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Betty White

SENT: 14 July 2011 LOR SSAE 8x10 & bookplate
RCVD: 14 Dec 2011 Both items autographed & dedicated in my SSAE

Friday, December 9, 2011

Eddie Izzard

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 15 Nov 2011 LOR SSAE 3 x 8x10 for show on 23 Nov
RCVD: 9 Dec 2011 All items autographed & dedicated in my ssae

These two are for my dear friends & Eddie's biggest fans in the USA

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joan Collins

RCVD: 6 Dec 2011 - This beautiful autographed photo of Joan Collins from her role as Katrina in Monte Carlo was sent to me as a gift by my lovely friend & huge fan of Joan's, Mark.

Check out his wonderful website all about Joan here:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cliff Richard

TTM - Via Venue

SENT: 10 Oct 2011 LOR SSAE 3 x 8x10 for show on 25 Oct in UK
RCVD: 5 Dec 2011 All 3 photos autographed & dedicated in my ssae

One for my Mother

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stefanie Powers

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 28 Nov 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10
RCVD: 1 Dec 2011 Both 8x10's autographed & dedicated in my ssae

Stefanie Powers


One From The Hart Autographed & dedicated at signing
3 Nov 2011 Booksoup CA


SENT: 5 Sep 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10 Bookplate x 2
RCVD: 1 Dec 2011 Everything autographed & dedicaed in my ssae

Elton John


Went to see Elton John 30 Nov 2011, toward the end of the show I decided to go downthe front & take my gretest hits cd from 1990 with me. Firstly I scored a guitar pick (my first one) from original band member Davey Johnstone then before the encore Elton grabbed a pen & came & signed for all of us down the front.

Over the moon as never thought I would get one of my musical idols in person!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goldie Hawn

Signed by Goldie Hawn after her appearance on Good Morning America Times Square NY Sept 2011

Colin Farrell

Signed by Colin Farrell at "Ondine"  Premiere NY April 2010

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michael Biehn

TTM - Via Email
SENT: 8 Nov 2011  I sent to several addresses asking for a contact/address to write & send photos to Michael, I didn't request a photo.

RCVD: 29 Nov 2011 An 8x10 from one of my favorite moveis The Seventh Sign autographed in black sharpie. My address is in my signature in my emails, so one of the emails made it to someone who decided to send me out something - I can't help with the email address as I don't know which one worked.

Deborah Ann Woll

SENT: 19 Mar 2011 LOR 2 x 8x10 SSAE
RCVD: 29 Nov 2011 Both photos autographed & dedicated in my ssae

Monday, November 28, 2011

Heather Locklear

SENT: 27 April 2011 LOR SSAE 3 x 8x10
RCVD: 28 Nov 2011 All photos autographed & dedicated in my ssae

Meredith Baxter

Autographed & dedicated copy of Meredith Baxters Book Untied
Instore Appearance Outwrite Books 28 Oct 2011 Atlanta GA

With the staff of Outwrite at the event - courtesey Dan Lax

Friday, November 25, 2011

Emma Caulfield


Emma was raising money via kickstarter to finance a project called Ripped until the end of Aug 2011, I made a small doantion & received a tweet from Emma & this 8x10 Dedicated & autographed photo today 25 Nov 2011

Her project is now up & running so check out:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

James Blunt

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 29 June 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10 for UK show 16 Jul
RCVD: 22 Nov 2011 Both photos autographed & dedicated in my ssae

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

SENT: 4 Oct 2011 LOR SSAE 3 x 8x10
RCVD: 22 Nov 2011 All items autographed & dedicated in my ssae

One for My Mother

Friday, November 18, 2011

Carre Otis

Autographed & Dedicated 1st edition of her memoir Beauty, Dis-Rupted
Signed 5 Nov 2011 at In store appearance -  Boulder Book Store CO

Christina Aguilera

SENT: 21 June 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10
RCVD: 18 Nov 2011 My photos unsigned & this 7x5 glossy photo signed in silver sharpie in my ssae

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kim Cattrall

TTM - Via Venue
SENT: 28 Oct 2011 LOR SSAE 2 x 8x10 & 1 x A4 poster
RCVD: 10 Nov 2011 Everything signed & dedicated in my SSAE

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Linda Evans


Autographed 1st Edition Recipes for Life
Autographed In Store at Third Place Books WA 17 Oct 2011

Dyan Cannon


Autographed 1st Edition Dear Cary
Autographed In Store at Booksoup LA 14 Oct 2011

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