Autograph Collecting Terms - TTM, IP etc...

Here are some common terms used in the world of autograph collecting and what they mean:

TTM - Through the mail, autograph obtained by writing to a celebrity

IP - In Person ie: in person autograph

AP - Auto pen a device which signs autographs with a pen, ie not signed by a person

Via Venue - Request was sent to somewhere the celebrity was appearing/playing

Pre Print - Autograph is part of the photo ie: like a photo copy

Sec - Secritarial autograph signed by secretary, agent etc.. and not the acutal celebrity (a few stars that do this are Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Sarah Jessica Parker, Doris Day, Colin Farrell, John Travolta & many more - there is a very long list of people who do this so always do your research before sending)

Stamped Autograph - Autograph provided is from a rubber stamp not a person

Studio Fan Mail - A company used by stars to send out pre print autogrpahs on their behalf

LOR - Letter of request

SSAE - Stamped self addressed envelope
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