Celebrity Addresses, Sending Via Venue - Where I Get info

I do not list any addresses on my page as they change to often.

This is how I obtain my addresses:

Official mailing addresses:

The website fanmail.biz is great and it is free, it also has a feeback section where people post success/failure so you can get an idea of that persons signings habits There are also quite a few websites you can subscribe to for a small fee like Star Tiger.


Via Venue:

If I can't get someone through a normal mailing address I then try via venue. For some reason there are many artisits who do not respond to fanmail through the normal channels BUT will sign autograph requests sent via a venue.  I check where that person is performing and send my request to the venue .Make sure you include you own photo as most artisits don't take photos with them. I would never send anything I wanted back & would be devestated if lost like cd/dvd covers or special items because from my experience you either get your items back signed OR you get nothing back at all.   I have tried concerts, plays & award shows. Over the years I have come to know of several venues in Australia that pass on fanmail.

If an artisit is performing somewhere I have not written to before I look at the venue website & email them and ask if they would be kind enough to pass on a fan letter and is there anyone I could mark my letter to the attention of.  You really need to check this as many venues will not pass on fanmail. If you have no luck contacting a venue then sometimes you just have to test it & see, if you get no response then you will unfortunately never know if it was passed on or if that artist does not sign.

Official Websites for artisits:

Some performers official websites have contact information and provide an address for fan mail or list the artist's managemet address. If this is not listed and there is a contact link on the site I will email and ask for an address to send fan mail to. I always include my name & address in the email and on some occassions I have not had a response but later I have had an autograph from that person arrive in my mailbox!

Movies/Shows In Production:

Writing to a show or movie that is in production is another option, these addresses are harder to find but a good point to start is imdb.  See what that actor is filming and look for info such as what production company it is by and the location of the filming. Take this info to google and see what you can find.  I do know of production lists you can subscribe to but I do not as they are quite expensive.


If you subscribe to IMDBPRO service it will give you names & addresses & often emails of that celebrities people such as manager, publicist etc... I have had a few successes by sending a nice email asking for an address to send fan mail to & they have replied with info and said they will pass the letter on! Besides IMDBPRO search for this info on google as well - you will be surprised at what turns up



I follow many of my favorite celebrities on twitter and hear what they are up to etc... I have sent tweets asking for fan mail addresses or if they have rcvd my mail and got responses. It all depends on the celebritie of course but I have had some success this way!

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