Autographs - My MOST wanted list

These are my most wanted, I either do not have them at all OR ones in bold I have BUT they have either been purchased or collected by a friend in person for me and I really want a dedicated one!

If anyone can ever help me out with an address that would work Via Venue etc... for some of these people (as some are very hard signers to get TTM) I would really appreciate the info!

Anthony Hopkins
Clive Owen
Gary Barlow
George Michael
Gerard Butler
Goldie Hawn
Gwen Stefani
Katy Perry
Liam Neeson
Louis Jourdan
Nic Cage
Paul McCartney
Tom Jones

So far in I the past year or so, I have been able to achieve long awaited success from the following, formerly of my MOST wanted list:

Belinda Carlisle
Billy Idol
Brooke Shields
Celine Dion
Christian Slater
Cliff Richard
David Copperfield
Elton John
James Franco
Liza Minnelli
Olivia Newton John
Robbie Williams
Rod Stewart
Ronan Keating
Russell Crowe
Sophie Ellis Bextor
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