Autograph Hints & Tips

Tips to help you verify an autograph - these are some of the ways I check them!

*Check the celebrities official merchandise like cd liner notes, DVD's,tour programmes etc... often these will feature their signature -
Celine Dion cd's usally feature her signature at the end of  her thank you notes

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku lovers clothing line features her signature on the swingtag

Taylor Swifts Fearless tour programme featured her embossed signature

Robbie Williams book Nobody Someday has a signature on the flipside of the dustjacket

*Official trading cards made for shows like Buffy, Charmed etc... often feature signature cards

*Official documents celebrities have signed like lawsuits, divorce papers etc..  copies of these have been known to turn up online at The smoking gun

Legal document signed by Nicole Kidman

*Official websites that sell genuine autographed merchandise by the celebrity

*Studio fan mail preprints are great to have to compare original autographs to -
Studio fan mail is a company hired by celebrities to send out preprint/autopen autographs on their behalf - to see if a celebrity you are interested in uses studio fanmail click the link below, then simply send an email request to the celebrity you want with your full name & address and it will be mailed to you for free.

Celebrity email address to request a studio fanmail print

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