Tuesday, May 24, 2011

David Copperfield

TTM - Via Venue

SENT: 17 Apr 2011 LOR 2 x 8x10 SSAE Magazine article for his Vegas shows
RCVD: 23 May 2011 Both my 8x10's autographed & dedicated PLUS his own 8x10 autographed in black sharpie

This is very special as I wanted to write to David somewhere he would get the letter and maybe read it as my husband & I met at his show - the magazine article I sent him which I have put below was an article written about us for a bridal magazine - I just wanted to confirm the story so David knew I was fo real!

The first photo of David is now framed and on the wall next to the poster from the show of his we met at!

Article I sent to David about how we met at his show & our wedding

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